IEA Exteriors Corporation is a fully licensed Minneapolis siding contractor certified to install both James Hardie and Alside siding. Specializing in the installation of fiber cement and vinyl siding, we have the energy efficient siding Minneapolis residents need to dramatically decrease their energy costs.

James Hardie Siding
Why James Hardie home siding? For four years in a row, residing your home with James Hardie Fiber Cement has been the #1 Return on Investment among all home improvement projects. Remodeling Magazine has conducted this study since 1988 and is a trusted source among building and construction professionals. 2005 was the first year they evaluated fiber-cement siding replacement, and its debut at the top of the list demonstrates its value to builders and homeowners.
For residents of MN, you can boost the beauty and value of your home with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. Minneapolis homeowners turn to Krech Exteriors for this top quality product.
Vinyl Siding
Installing vinyl siding is a cost effective way to increase your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. A home that is wrapped in vinyl siding will trap the energy you pay for inside, while keeping hot or cold air from penetrating your exterior walls. This will drive down your energy bills, freeing up some of your hard earned money for other purposes.


    We Understand how Stressful Roofing Projects are:

    We know that it can be quite stressful having your roof replaced. It is challenging to remove and dispose of all the material involved on your roof without damaging landscaping, outdoor furniture or the house below the roof line.

    We take this very seriously and stage all of our roofing services and projects with this in mind. There is more to a satisfied customer than a great looking roof! We do not leave a project until you are 100% satisfied with all aspects of our work. Communication is the key to our process.

    Our Promise to You

      • We will not close your project until you are satisfied
      • We are a preferred Owens Corning Contractor which allows us to provide the best warranties available in the industry.
      • Everything will be put in writing before we begin your repairs and we will communicate with you throughout the process to address any concerns as they arise.
      • Our representative will listen and answer all of your questions about the process and your concerns.



       It takes a person with a trained eye to see hail or wind damage on a roof. Our representative will be happy to come and proviyou with a thorough inspection at no cost or obligation of any kind to you, to see if a roof insurance claim would be an option for you.


      A roof is important to your home and family as it is the first line of defense. Not only does it keep out weather, but it also protects your home from falling debris, UV rays, insects, and bird droppings. From complete installation or reinstallation to simple patching and repairs, our roofing contractors have experience with it all. If you’ve noticed a leak, a poorly ventilated attic, or your shingles are looking unsightly, just give us a call.


      Iea Exterior Corporation is a full-service general contractor of home improvement services including seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts. We offer a full range of gutters from standard size to the large industrial size. We also offer a complete range of gutter protection so you don’t have to worry about them ever getting clogged.
      At Iea Exterior, our gutters are custom made. All of our gutter systems are custom fabricated on site and installed by our fully trained and experienced installers. An advantage of seamless aluminum gutters is that they can be made to an exact size to fit your house.
      Older gutters and downspouts can be difficult and costly to repair, many homeowners elect to replace old gutters with new. While there are certainly more thrilling home improvement projects out there, replacing and installing a new gutter system can be one of the least expensive and most critical, of all home repairs.
      Improving the drainage around your home can have a significant impact on your home’s foundation and the life of the home. A properly functioning gutter system is also one of the best ways to prevent water damage from occurring in and around your home.
      We also install gutter guards. Gutter guards prevent your gutters from clogging and overflowing making gutter guards a smart addition to your gutter installation.
      At Iea Exterior, we offer a variety of different styles of custom made seamless gutters to help alleviate the potential headaches faulty gutter systems can create. Let us alleviate your water drainage issues, call today and get a free no obligation estimate on installing one of our seamless gutter systems!
      Iea Exterior Corporation is a general contracting company you can rely on for all of your gutter & downspout installations. We are proud to serve Minneapolis, St Paul, St Cloud, Shakopee, Edina, Inver Grove Heights, Bloomington, Blaine, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Elk River, Forest Lake, and Woodbury, MN.


      Energy Savings
      In order to help local homeowners make informed decisions on window replacement, Minneapolis, we have put together a list of questions and answers pertaining to the subject. At Krech Exteriors we want to save you money and here is how.
      Q: How can energy-efficient vinyl replacement or new construction windows save me money?
      A: Vinyl windows with energy-efficient glass packages can dramatically help prevent the natural transfer of heat and cold into your home during various seasons of the year. By controlling this natural conduction, you can better manage the comfort level in your home. You can save money–and realize a significant return on investment–by lowering the amount of energy it takes to heat or cool your home throughout the year.
      Q: When should I replace the windows in my home?
      A: Just like roofing and siding on your home, windows need to be replaced every 20 years or so. Make it a part of your yearly home maintenance checklist to carefully evaluate your windows. Older windows can lose efficiency, causing heating and cooling bills to rise. When it’s time to replace the windows, research upgraded window packages that are ENERGY STAR® qualified that can help lower your monthly energy bills.
      Q: How do I evaluate my windows?
      A: To determine if your current windows are energy-efficient, Simonton recommends a few easy do-it-yourself steps:
      Look for condensation between the panes of glass on double- or triple-glazed windows. This could indicate seal failure. If this is the case, you might need to replace the glass or the entire window.
      Check to see if there are any “burnt out” areas on your carpets and furnishings where harmful ultraviolet rays have damaged the interior of your home. This is an indication that your windows need spectrally selective Low E glass to block the sun’s harmful rays.
      Research to determine if you have the appropriate glass package for where you live. For example, if you live in a cooler northern region you’ll find increased performance in the insulation properties of a low U-value. If you are located in a warmer region you’ll benefit from a lower solar heat gain coefficient to help keep the sun’s heat from entering your home. For more information visit Energy Star.
      Q: What window frame type is the most energy efficient?
      A: Vinyl frames with multi-chambered construction and fusion-welded corners are one of the most energy-efficient available. Vinyl frames are especially effective when combined with a Low E glass package.
      Q: What kind of glass should I ask for in replacement windows?
      A: At a minimum, you’ll want to start with Low E glass in your window. Then, request a dense, harmless (and odorless) gas fill, like Argon or Krypton, be inserted between the panes of glass. This gas fill acts as a type of barrier and helps prevent the transfer of heat or cold into your home. Controlling the amount of convection between the panes of glass will help you use less energy to heat or cool your home.
      Q: Why should I consider vinyl framed replacement windows?
      A: Vinyl replacement windows are durable and help you lower monthly energy costs, increase the value of your home, reduce maintenance hassles and add beauty to the interior and exterior of your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the typical home loses more than 25 percent of its heat through windows. The DOE reports that vinyl windows have moderate to high R-values, a measure of both the construction of the window and the materials used versus heat flow. That translates into reduced heat loss and greater thermal efficiency that can help you save money and reduce energy costs. Another reason to consider vinyl replacement windows is that they can be custom made to fit your design and remodeling requirements.


      At Iea Exterior Corporation, we recognize our neighbors’ need for a full service home improvement company. From roofing, to siding, to windows, and much, much more, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call or request a quote today and you will be on your way to the kind of high quality roofing, windows, and siding Minneapolis homeowners deserve.

      Iea Exterior Corporation
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      Brooklyn Park Mn 55443
      Phone: (763) 267-8420
      Email: iea.exterior.inc@hotmail.com


      Testimonial from our client

      They were recommended by a friend. They installed LP Smart Siding and aluminum soffit on our $300k house. After the hail storm they replaced our shingles. They are a small local company who are all about quality and customer support. Yet they are low cost. It was enjoyable working with them.

      Steve S.

      Testimonial from our client

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      Testimonial from our client

      This is just example text which you can replace by clicking to edit. You could talk about your business, tell people what makes you unique